Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nak Hidup Aman

"Hey!!! its me...u can see me? tepi sikit..I want to Freedom"

Well i'm at office rait now
feel lit bit lazy but I need to settle down my work,
Otak serabut but just feel calm..who's know?
Confused but steady
I'm Hepy go lucky gul...but not 2day

Source: http://maintainingbalancehappylife.blogspot.com/2011/09/blog-post_01.html

Just follow this rules
Simple rait....but i'm trying now
I'm the simple person...sometime complicated
Cos anybody can change
But dun worry i'm will be fine
So now

Continue my work now, after meeting with my bos
Nurves je nak jumpa...he said "nak marah awak sikit jer"
Takut babe...if pasal keje nie
aishh...tak sukanya
but take note...take as challenge 
"U can do it Myra..go gul"
Just look forward ok...be gud

Source: http://www.bestlifein.com/secrets-for-a-long-life.html


1 comment:

deeya said...

kdang2 kerja mmg bnyak cabaran & dugaan .. ape yg penting , senyum jer n mintak tolong dari Dia . insyaAllah , semuanye akan ok :)

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